Best Gold Farming Spots in World of Warcraft

If you are starting out in World of Warcraft and are looking for some great spots to farm gold, you have come to the right place. Gold farming can be a quick way to make some gold, but be warned, it can be monotonous. This article will reveal to you some of the best gold farming places and the best items to farm from these places. So if you are ready, let’s go!

If you are looking for the best low level farming spot, that would have to be in Westfall. Look for a camp of Defias Trappers that are located on the western shore near the windmill. The Defias Trappers drop linen cloth over 70% of the time. But the greatest thing about this location is the respawn rate. It is impossible to kill every one of them before they respawn again. You can get tons of linen cloth this way quickly and easily. The only problem you will run into is having enough bag space to carry it all.

Once you are mid level a good farming spot is in the Wailing Caverns. This is located in the Barrens. The mobs here are 17 to 20 elites. Look for the valuable Perfect Deviate Scale to be dropped. This items will easily sell for one gold per piece.

Another good mob to fight is the Plains Creeper spiders located in the Arathi Highlands. These mobs will drop Spider silk about one times in ten. This spider silk is a component in level 19 twink items so it is in hot demand. It will sell for about one gold each. Another benefit to the Plains Creeper spiders is that they are a level 33 and can give you experience points also.

Farming for gold doesn’t really start to profit until you reach the higher level. When you get into the higher level gold farms, the items that are dropped are worth a lot more. You can really start to rack up a fair amount of gold at the higher levels. Read on to discover where some of these higher level gold farms are.

Head to Tarnaris and look for Buy wow gold  the Lost Rigger cove located in eastern Tarnaris. You can get to this area by way of a tunnel on the western side of the mountain range. The Southsea Pirates that you will battle are in the mid 40’s range and drop items such as Mageweave cloth, volatile rum and silk cloth. These items can be sold for 2 or 3 gold a piece.

Jadefires in North West Felwood and Elementals in North West Sithius both drop good items that can bring in a lot of gold. But with some of the places, it is best to wait until you are at least level 55.