When you need to store your company’s furniture, equipment, inventory, and other business assets you want to know they’re going to be protected from damage and theft. To do this, you need to find a clean, secure, and reliable business storage facility to safeguard your property.

Although many businesses skimp on paying for a professional storage service, the amount they save is often negated by the Paca storage poor quality storage conditions of discount mini-storage centers. Instead, the best option for most companies is to use a secure business storage facility.

Sanitary Storage
Mini-storage facilities are known for being unclean and not sanitizing between customers or even on an annual basis. A professional storage warehouse is regularly cleaned, and special equipment is used to protect items such as furniture and electronics. This prevents your property from exposure to dust, mites, and grime that can build-up over the years and cause damage.

Extra Care
Mini-storage facilities aren’t concerned with how your items are stored-they care about collecting their monthly fees. A reputable business storage facility takes care of every item it stores for your business. The company will use shrink-wrap to protect wood and upholstery, in addition to storage pads that can help ward off dust, stains, and moisture. The company’s warehouse will also have specialized racks that are made for storing sofas, chairs, and other upholstered office furniture.

State-of-the-Art Surveillance
Storing assets in an unprotected, unmonitored business storage facility opens the door to theft. After all, you typically just use a padlock to secure your property at a mini-storage center, making it vulnerable to thieves. You can rest easier when you use a business storage facility that has 24-hour surveillance and a state-of-the-art security system.

In addition to surveillance, a secure business storage facility provides controlled access, meaning only authorized personnel can access the warehouse. Keypad entries and mag locks are used for additional protection.

Employee Background Checks
Mini-storage centers often have lax hiring practices, employing inexperienced and untrustworthy workers. A business storage facility takes employee screening and selection seriously. To ensure its employees can be trusted with clients’ property, the company performs thorough background investigations, criminal history checks, and drug tests.

Use a Business Storage Facility Other Industry Leaders Trust
Government agencies, law firms, educational institutions, and businesses of all sizes turn to a professional storage service when they need a secure facility to store their assets. You won’t catch medical offices or financial institutions storing their expensive equipment at a mini-storage center. Instead, they depend on a reputable storage facility that provides safety and reliability along with compliance with Department of Defense and other government regulations.

From high-end furniture to electronic equipment to expensive inventory, you can trust in a professional storage service to protect and monitor your property. Admiral Movers maintains a secure business storage facility with 24-hour surveillance, well-trained employees, and best-in-class office storage practices to ensure that all of your company’s items are stored safely.

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