Clara Harris Quiz – Will You Be the Next Clara Harris?

Millions of women sat glued to their TVs, when “Suburban Madness” aired. This made-for-TV movie told the story of Clara Harris, the Texas dentist who killed her cheating husband by running over him 3 times. The shock of seeing David Harris with his mistress after he told his wife he was ending the affair, pushed Clara Harris over the edge. Betrayed by the man she loved, hurt to the very depths of her soul, this, devoted wife and mother ran over her husband in a fit of blind rage.

“There are 26 million potential Clara Harrises out there” says Ruth Houston, infidelity expert, and author of “Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs. “According to statistics, that’s the estimated number of unsuspecting wives whose husbands are having an affair.”

NOTE: Statistics indicate that 50% to 70% of men cheat on their mates. 2/3 of those women have no idea their husbands are having an affair, despite the presence of numerous telltale signs.

“While no one is excusing or justifying what Clara Harris did, any woman who’s been cheated on can identify with the hurt, humiliation, and anger Clara Harris must have felt .” explains Houston. “Under similar circumstances, any unsuspecting wife could overreact the same way that Clara Harris did. When matters of the heart are involved, it’s easy to lose control.”

Could you be the next Clara Harris? Houston suggests you ask yourself the 18 probing questions below. They may reveal more about yourself and your marriage than you really want to know.

1. Have you ever considered the possibility that your husband might have an affair?

2. Do you know how to recognize the telltale signs of infidelity?

3. Are you familiar with the early warning signs of an affair?

4. Do you know what to do if you suspect your husband of having an affair?

5. Do you know your husband well enough to spot subtle changes in his behavior, habits or routine that could indicate a possible affair?

6. Do you know what you should avoid doing if you discover that your husband is having an affair?

7. Do you know how to tell if your husband is a potential cheater?

8. Have you and your husband ever discussed your feelings about extramarital affairs?

9. Do you encourage your husband to open discuss any complaints he may have about you or the marriage?

10. Do you know the situations or circumstances that make a marriage vulnerable to an affair?

11. Do you periodically do a reality check or take stock of your marriage to insure that everything is okay?

12. Is there a trusted adult friend (or a trained professional) you can confide in about marital problems?

13. Do you know how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the possibility of your husband having an affair?

14. Do you have an “infidelity plan” in place for handling the situation if your husband should have an affair?

15. Have you ever given any serious thought as to  keluaran hk   what you would do if your husband asked for a divorce?

16. If your husband were cheating, would you know the correct way to confront him about his affair?

17. Could you keep your emotions in check if you found out your husband was having an affair?

18. If your husband had an affair do you know the best strategy for dealing with the Other Woman?

Your potential for becoming the next Clara Harris increases with every “no” answer you have. As few as 3 “no” answers put you in the danger zone. Infidelity can strike anyone, at anytime. No one’s marriage is immune. According to statistics, infidelity now affects 80% of all marriages today.

“If you’re serious about wanting to safeguard your marriage from infidelity, there are things about infidelity you should know, ” says Houston. “Being uninformed about certain aspects of infidelity cost Clara Harris her freedom and David Harris his life.”