As New Zealand’s largest industry, dairy farming is likewise one of New Zealand’s fastest developing industries. Finding a dairy farm for sale in New Zealand must be performed in consultation with quite a number experts inclusive of an agribusiness supervisor, an accountant and a lawyer. Many sharemilkers and herd managers get into the dairying industry with the aspirations of at some point owning their personal farms. It is likewise not unusual for present farm owners to buy neighbouring or close by farms as they arrive onto the marketplace to growth their own production – allowing them to growth their herd length, use the land for grazing or hire sharemilkers to control the farm as an example.


There are numerous points to consider while looking for a dairy farm for sale in New Zealand. A few of these points include the land, dairy companies and inventory.




Ensure the land you’re looking at is Botany at Dairy Farm Condo to dairying. Pay unique interest to the subsequent land primarily based areas:


– Contour & topography

– Soil conditions

– Drainage, irrigation and water supply

– Pasture kind and growth fees (specially critical for milk manufacturing)

– Fences, races and gates

– Sheds, yards, silage pits, feed pads

– Bio protection (TB fame, pests, illnesses and weeds)


Dairy Company


Farmers can supply their milk manufacturing to any of the subsequent groups represented with the aid of The Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand:


– Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd

– Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd

– Westland Milk Products-Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd

– Goodman Fielder Ltd-Open Country Cheese Ltd

– Gisborne Milk Co-operative Ltd




Many dairy farmers look for cows of medium length, which are fertile and revel in easy calving. There is range of farm animals breeds and breeders in New Zealand which include the following:


– Holstein-Friesian

– Jersey

– Ayrshire

– Guernsey

– Brown Swiss

– Meuse Rhine Issel


Buying a dairy farm on the market in New Zealand requires a extensive investment of cash – everywhere among or above 1 – five million bucks. It is truly now not an road to undertaking into with out thorough research and careful making plans. Your funding plans may also be largely suffering from your banks willingness to lend, your capacity to make repayments primarily based to your manufacturing ranges and your capability to finance day-to-day operations such as labour, inventory, feed and land preservation.


Keep abreast of marketplace developments and in everyday touch together with your professional advisors as you find capability residences. Take into consideration the above factors concerning land, dairy organizations and stock whilst it comes time to make a proposal on a dairy farm on the market in New Zealand.


Bruce Spurdle began his Real Estate career in Te Kuiti, New Zealand, in 1969.


He now oversees 9 Real Estate offices throughout the vital North Island of New Zealand. These are spread among the lovely coastal city of Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula, down thru the Waikato, and King Country to the ski-hotel metropolis of Ohakune on the southern facet of Mount Ruapehu.


The 40 years in Real Estate has seen Bruce’s business increase inside the wide variety of places of work running, increase inside the variety of first-class & informed salespeople hired and amplify to cover each thing of the actual property industry.

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