“The impact is just extreme. inches : According to an ad hoc report published early on Weekend morning, we are expecting a really big fireworks display on Friday.

The partnership now published has massive impact. Tens of millions of people will probably find out about this provider this weekend, Finanznachrichten und Rezensionen so the shares of the company, which is still relatively unknown in the mainstream of the investment community, could go completely “through the roof”.

More than 13 million people follow the man who has recently been celebrated at times internationally for his great successes in the mainstream media, a man who has made millions together with media in recent years, a “rising star” in social media, whose ideas are implemented by his followers worldwide. Exactly this man is now joining the still young company, which could affect a multi-billion-dollar industry that is growing extremely rapidly even in today, which with the “positioning” that has now been announced definitely has what it takes becoming a new market leader (and these are in the industry with valued at billions).

Investors can still get involved at beginning stage and bet on a potentially huge return on investment. But the stock doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper and investors who wait too long could miss what we see as a huge stock opportunity. : We think that you will find a pity! Look: Exactly yesterday today we were expecting this stock to gain at least 60% (for well-defined reasons), and in fact it has since gone up to 70%, with the announcement of this unbelievably strong partnership we now see the starting shot of a veritable hugely rally, which could literally “blast away” the last EUR 13. 00 most of this EUR 5 share in the new stock exchange week. We think you don’t want to miss out on this potential hugely rally. Again:

Tens of millions of people will probably learn about this provider this weekend as you read these lines, and we are sure that the story of this company will promote a great many people and many investors will dsicover exactly what we see too: a unique one Investment opportunity, a company that indeed has what it takes becoming a billion-dollar brand, but where you can currently invest at the micro-cap level (valued below EUR 50 million).

Breaking news early Weekend morning:

Rising International TikTok and Youtube Sensation with Over 13 Million Followers Partners with bettermoo(d) to Spread Company’s Mission and Products
: Featured on NBC and CBS, Armen Adamjan, Better Known as “creative_explained” on TikTok and Youtube, Partners with Food & Refreshment Disruptor bettermoo(d) as Lead Creative Strategist and Becomes Significant Shareholder

: Observe conflicts of interest and disclaimer : Advertorial/Advertising (Paying Client Stride/bettermoo(d)) :

bettermoo(d) Food Corp*
stock deals: Frankfurt (Germany), CSE (Canada, home stock exchange)


HERE for the relevant ad hoc announcement.

We believe that, ideally, on Friday, before the home stock exchange in United states reopens (3: 30 p. meters. ), a risky position in this stock is in the account. We are actually not ruling out a three-digit percentage gain in the very short term. We believe that showing increased risk patience right now pays off and pay multiple times the blind levels. The starting position seems almost like it could not be better:

Bettermoo(d) ( WKN: A3D8PP ) * has now formed a team at the recently up-and-coming company in the food industry that almost seems like a warranty of hugely success (this also includes a former top manager from Coca-Cola, who has now been employed chairman, or exactly that sales giant that employs more than 20, 000 people internationally and has represented top brands from market leaders such as Coca-Cola or Nestlé since 1929).

The fact that bettermoo(d) ( WKN: A3D8PP ) * will not reach the mainstream has been seriously doubted since this weekend. Rather, this very weekend, tens of millions of people around the world will probably learn about this provider, and just as many could follow the man who is held up as a role model to so many and grow a shareholder of this company. The impact is just extreme.

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