Featured Sites For Classified Ads

This site started out as a simple email list for people in the San Francisco area and morphed into a gigantic directory of classified ads for everything imaginable. It is separated into geographic regions, by state and city in the United States. It is available for countries other than the United States too and might be separated by other regional boundaries there.

Craigslist is like a giant flea market  free classified ads posting sites   of people advertising products and services. You can find anything from real estate to used bubble wrap on Craigslist. You can also find advertisements for jobs, non-profit volunteering opportunities, and personal ads. It’s all neatly categorized by major category and sub-categories. There are even discussion forums available for you to network in.

Craigslist does list its ads by the region that you are in. So, if you live in Boston, Massachusetts, people would have to enter Craigslist first through that region to find your particular ad. If they lived somewhere else, they wouldn’t even see your ad, most likely. So, in that respect, Craigslist mimics newspaper classified ads quite closely. However, the number of people on Criagslist is so high, it doesn’t matter. You still can get plenty of views. And, there’s nothing keeping you from posting the same ad in multiple regions. It may take a little more time, but you will have a greater exposure too.

The way you would post an ad is to pick the main region and category first. Write up a simple classified as we explained in the “how to” section. Respond to any inquiries in a timely and courteous manner. If it sells, you can delete the post or keep it up (if you have multiple items you’re selling). Then, post it frequently if you want to keep getting noticed.

Another place you can ad a classified on a social networking group is Facebook. You would have to go to the marketplace to be able to add your entry there. It also is limited to your network for people to view it. However, it can be an excellent way to network your wares on a social networking site.

Facebook typically does not allow you to solicit your friends online. It will ban you if you begin to spam people with business solicitations. So, although that’s the policy, the marketplace is one place where you are allowed to put out your wares. So, take advantage of it to make your friends into customers on Facebook.

This site offers people the ability to create classified ad programs to use in affiliate programs. They offer a way to help you make classified ads very quickly for specific products or geographic regions. You share 50% of the revenues generated from the classified ads.