Importance of Managing Liquor Purchases For Your Bar

As straight forward as you may believe purchasing liquor for your bar may be, there is a thought process behind it. Your liquor purchases are an important investment your business is making towards income generating inventory and there are many factors that making the best investment for the least amount of money.

Purchasing and recording your liquor purchases are very important parts of your business in large part because liquor has a mass appeal. If you don’t take care of your liquor investment, you expose your business to shrinkage and waste. The major reason we purchase liquor for our business is to well stock our bars so we can sell more drinks and make more sales at a cost that helps us maximize our gin hong kong profitability. To do so, as operators, we should be following these steps to always stay in control of our liquid assets:

Plan our orders correctly: when placing our liquor orders, it is very important we first verify our stock levels and ask several suppliers to be certain we are getting the best pricing.

Make certain our orders are well received: it is important when liquor orders are deliver to our place of business, we verify exactly what we receive matches what we order (brand, size…) at the prices negotiated and in good condition.

Orders are stored properly: the location we store our liquor inventory should be in a place accessible to key staff members yet still protected against theft.

When product is requested by our sales points: requisitions should be made when liquor is moved from storage areas to the designated revenue point(s).

This is just an overview of the importance of how we should be purchasing liquor for our bars to maximize our profitability. Further reading and tools that are available to you should be researched to help manage your liquor purchases.