According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 3 million burglaries occur in the United States each year. You have a right to a safe and secure home, which includes the right to possess and use self-defense weapons to protect yourself and your family.

Many of the burglaries that have been recorded have occurred while people are at home. Which can be a terrible encounter for which most of us would prefer self defense equipment.

While firearms remain a popular deterrent and self-defense tool, they are not required in every case. And other people may be unwilling to kill another person, even though they would be justified in doing so to preserve their house.

Some argue that legal non-lethal weapons are contentious because, when used improperly, they can result in death. Nonetheless, this list only includes non-lethal defense measures.

What distinguishes them as non-lethal? They’re self-defense criminal defense attorney phoenix az tools that improve personal safety while minimizing the chance of killing an offender, allowing you to defend yourself without having to worry about killing someone else—a risk that comes with employing a knife or pistol for self-defense.

There are many various sorts of non-lethal personal safety items that can be used by people all around the country. Here are some solid alternatives to think about:

Best Short-Range Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tools

Pepper sprays

If you’ve ever unintentionally gotten pepper powder in your eyes, you’ll agree that it’s the best non-gun self-defense weapon. Even the bravest assailant can’t take a squirt of pepper in the eyes…it burns like hellfire!

Pepper spray is the ideal self-defense weapon to have on hand because it temporarily blurs your attacker’s vision and causes respiratory trouble and a burning feeling.

No one has the willpower or strength to continue attacking while their eyes are burning. Furthermore, the anguish will persist for at least half an hour, giving you plenty of time to get to safety.

Of course, you’ll need to catch your assailant off guard for the pepper spray to go into their eyes. Pepper sprays are frequently concealed in other items like key chains or lipstick-like little containers.

These are the characteristics of the best pepper spray for self-defense:

  • A high concentration of the major capsaicinoids
  • A long shooting range
  • Safety elements to avoid self-spray and discharge by mistake

Stun guns

When an assailant is hit with a stun gun, a pair of electrodes is put on their body, causing an electric shock. When the trigger or button is pressed, the stun effect is initiated, resulting in a painful jolt and temporary incapacitation of the target.

Stun guns are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including flashlight and phone designs. These are the characteristics of the best self-defense stun guns.

  • To deliver the shock, the electrodes will penetrate thick garments.
  • They are light and easy to conceal.

Tactical pens

Tactical pens are pens with writing ink cartridges that also include a self-defense capability, which is surprising. Because the weapon is contained in a “innocent” pen, they are a popular self-defense item because they may be carried openly and no one will suspect you have a weapon.

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