Puppy crate training at night is often a necessity for many of us. We don’t want our puppy to walk around the house and pee all over it or chew on the furniture while we’re asleep. Crate training will also protect the puppy from getting into trouble and will teach him that staying close to his new family isn’t that bed at all. Many of us have to deal with whining and it can get really annoying when one needs to wake up 3 times during the night to take the puppy outside so that Outdoor Sleeping Pad he can eliminate. This article will show you some simple tips you can implement right away if you want to get involved into puppy crate training at night.

Puppy Crate Training At Night Part 1 – Get A Proper Crate

The first step in puppy crate training at night involves purchasing crate. Make sure you buy a wire crate instead of a plastic one because it’s more resistant to biting and chewing and will last longer. You should avoid crates that are too big for your puppy because he may end up soiling on of the corners if forced to. Dogs are naturally clean animals and will try no to eliminate in their sleeping area but if it’s big enough and they can’t hold it anymore they will do it inside the crate. Remember to get a crate with smooth floor as well as this will make it more comfortable for your puppy. If you can put one of your old t-shirts inside and cover his sleeping pad with it. This will make your pet’s new home more friendly and will speed up the crate training process.

Puppy Crate Training At Night Part 2 – Help Your Pet Accustom To His New Home

Second thing you need to know about puppy crate training at night is how to introduce the crate to your dog so that he’s not afraid to spend whole night inside it. At the beginning put some treats inside it (a chew toy, dog snacks etc.) in order to lure the dog in. As soon as he gets there praise him and let him get out if he wants to. Next, start putting his meals inside the crate so that he has to eat in there regularly. Don’t close the door yet as we’re trying to make the whole puppy crate training at night process as smooth and stress free as possible. Try to coax him down by giving him more snacks and praising all the time.

Within a few days your dog should start feeling confident about staying in the crate, this is the perfect time to close the door. Make sure you stay with the puppy for a while and keep stroking him, then leave for a few minutes. Do not come back running if you hear him whining. Your dog is trying to play on your emotions and if you fall for this he will use it against you in the future. Instead, wait till he calms down and relieve him, praising for being a good, calm puppy.

Puppy Crate Training At Night Part 3 – Small Things That Make A Big Difference

Last but not least, few minor things that will significantly boost the effects achieved with this puppy crate training at night method. Remember to take your dog outside right before bedtime so that he can eliminate before going to sleep. Keep the crate close to your bed so that you can hear the whining in case your dog needs to urinate or defecate (you will have to wake up and help him for the first few weeks as puppies cannot control their bladder and colon until they are 12 weeks old). Staying close to you will also make him feel secure and comfortable. This puppy crate training at night method should bring you first results within one week.

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