Revolutionizing Car Audio For 2011 – The Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT – Sleek But Smart

It’s just been exhibited at the annual Consumer Electronics Show How to use telematics to reduce fleet costs and increase savings and is set to be released within the next year, the Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT. It’s one of the most unique car audio systems to come on the market, as it safely integrates your smartphone with your car stereo enabling you to complete as many tasks as you can on a smart phone. With smartphones taking over, this car audio system utilizes this technology for car audio, making a perfect system for those who love their smartphone technology!

We speak of revolutionary technology that alters our lives and changes how we receive entertainment. Already, the smartphone allows us to access the web and multiple applications, changing the ways and places where we can be entertained. It’s great for train and bus commuters who check out their social media, emails or just want some fun before work. But what about car owners? Well, now they can do the same with the Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT.

The sleek Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT comes in ravishing ebony black with a beautiful 7″ WVGA touch screen. The clarity of the screen is amazing, allowing you to easily navigate around the stereo, without heavy glare. Its interface is purely brilliant as it allows you to connect up to Pandora internet radio, Aha, Twitter and other podcasts using your connected smartphone! How incredibly smart this car audio system is!

The smart car audio stereo has features to make sure on the road; you keep safe and are not distracted by visuals on your stereo. Thus just for you, social media and traffic updates are changed into audio format. You can also search in real time using voice activation, for venues, places to stay and other information you may need. Then you can access navigation via inputting the address. Never has travel been so easy with a car stereo!

This smart system also has a number of vital features which will be fundamental technologies in the technological revolution of 2011, including HD radio, DVD playback and a 3D graphics accelerator. It also has the fundamentals, including Mp3/iPod connection capabilities and Bluetooth functions for streaming and calls.