One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

We have all heard this proverb but often forget when it comes to our own lives. Your old cars are worth what you want it to be. Simply if you work to sell it, you can get the top dollar. Calling a Junk removal service is an easy choice. The ‘buy old vehicle removal’ guys come promptly and haul away your car.You are even prepared to pay cash for towing. But it is neither a smart nor a responsible choice. The fact is most of our vehicle cars can be sold to many who want to buy salvage cars and extend the life. The sad part is our old cars end up as scrap steel because many of us have been used to an easy solution cash for junk cars rather one that optimizes the value. You will regret if give away your junk car without doing a little research on its value

I have worked in many ‘buy junk vehicle for cash’ businesses and I am sharing my experience with you here.

If you think that your junk vehicle is not worth much that no one will pay to buy junk cars, you are in for a big surprise. Unfortunately there are many who mistakenly think their car is worth nothing and actually PAY to haul their junk car to a ‘buy junk ‘ company. In most cases you can get some where between 200 to 600U$ based on type and condition of the vehicle with free towing. As a ‘buy junk car for cash’ business owner, I have even paid 800 $ for some vehicles because I knew that i can get at least 3000$ from the car parts or rebuild the car. Have you ever wondered why there are so many ‘buy junk cars’ service companies competing for your car that you think is worthless? Do a Google search and you will find at least two dozen ‘buy junk vehicles’ businesses in every city.

The best way to donate a junk vehicle is to call at least three salvage yards in your area, describe the vehicle condition to them and let them give you a quote on how much it is worth. The better option is to sell your car in Craig list.


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