What Would You Do With $94 Million Dollars? – PowerBall Jackpot

$94 million dollars may sound like chunk change to some billionaires, but for average Joe’s, this is not only a life changer, it’s a miracle. The Powerball jackpot is currently sitting at $94 million dollars, and we had to ask ourselves, what would we do with this kind of money?

For some of us, maybe the first thing that we would do is pay off all of our debt. This would include our house payments, rent, car payments, insurance, etc. What a relief that would be!

Next, most of us would go to work and tell the boss that their  파워볼사이트 time is over. They would run to the little cubicle, grab all of their belongings, and leave. The best part is, it would be one of the greatest moments in their life.

For some of us, we would join a charity. We do this because we love give people a chance. So maybe you would give some of your money to help aid in disasters, or maybe you would adopt a child. With this much money, the choices are endless.

As you can see, the choice is really up to you on what you would spend that money on, but the most important thing is having the chance to win that money. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win the lottery and if you are not playing, you are not winning.

So we encourage all of you to get out there and try out your luck. You never know what will happen and what you would do with $94 million, unless your playing the game.