Youth Ranch Stumbles Onto Fundraising Bonanza

I am the secretary of the Board for a Youth Ranch in Texas. I also homestead, homeschool and work from home online. Yes, I am very busy. This is why I am jumping up and down over working at home. Until now I was responsible for all the fundraising to BONANZAJP support the orphaned, fostered and autistic children that we take in to love and care for. We are their stand in parents, mentors and friends.

It takes a lot of cash to support a ranch dedicated to serving underprivileged children. There are animals to feed and they have vet needs on occasion. There are children to feed and clothe. The needs are great, and in a failing economy we at the ranch had to become very creative so far as funding is concerned.

Prior to the economy decline we raised funds like other non-profits. We put on Rodeo events with big Texas style Bar-B-Q and the trimmings while providing musical entertainment. We did well in the past with this method. When times got tough and all the little faces were on our minds, we were introduced to a new online method that saved us.

We knew we needed a larger target audience than we were able to provide with the events we hosted at the ranch. We made the decision to involve the world in our fundraising efforts. The only way was to use the internet. While searching and praying for an answer we found someone that was willing to teach the necessary skill set to be successful online making money.

Now fundraising is no big thing and the children’s futures have been secured even college tuition. This was nothing short of a miracle for the children.